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If there is one month it is appropriate to release a Horror themed crate it is October. Fitting in with the spooky theme of the month, Hello Halloween lover. The Horror crate surprised me with how they tied the contents in with the theme.  Each month the Loot Crate box folds out to something associated with the theme; This months horror box provided a zombie mask for the last minute Halloween costume.

Horror Loot Crate.

The months’ tee is all about the walking dead, while I don’t watch the show because I’m a big sook make does and from what I understand Negan is not a great guy. The Negan Sluggers Shirt came in after the episode was out so there were no accidental spoilers. This month we had a plush instead of the regular pop vinyl figure. The Leatherface plush is probably a bit cuter than you’d want something from a horror themed box to be. I thought it would be a bit more horror like with that it is texas chainsaw . The cute reason may just be the fact that it is a plush.

Horror loot crate 1
My favorite item in the box is probably the Freddy Kreuger Chopsticks. You can remove them from their finger holder or use as is like training chopsticks. These actually became a hair accessory for me during the Halloween lead-up week. The Legion of Regrettable Supervillains Book is part 2 of the Legion of Regrettable book collection. Book one came in the July Loot Crate in a superhero version, If there is a part 3 I’m thinking it will be “Legion of Regrettable Sidekicks”.

Horror loot crate 2
Finally, a Camp Crystal Lake Pennant is my least favourite item in the box. An ode to Friday the 13th I think the pennant was a huge wasted opportunity by Loot Crate.


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