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dream house with dog

The dream house style blog topic was suggested on the #GirlGang facebook when I was putting this list together. My dream house style can be defined as “Modern Comfort”, I like the modern pieces but they need to have an element of comfort. I don’t like the idea of having something in my house that I won’t use.

My Dream House Style

I know I have defined my dream house style as modern comfort but what does it really mean? In this post, I’m going to share some examples of what I see as modern comfort. A few main points are that each thing in the house needs to have a purpose. I don’t ned 30 different types of a decorative candle or the world’s hardest couch just because it looks good.

The Lounge 

Lounge rooms of living rooms are for one main thing, lounging around. Naturally, this room is going to have a comfortable couch and a big ass tv to stream Netflix. My favourite colours are grey and blue so I can’t imagine having anything other than a grey couch in there.

The Bedroom

Mark and I are having a stand-off of whose bed we will use if we move in together. Mine is bigger, pillowtop mattress with an extra large quilt and 100o TC sheets. I don’t even know why he thinks he will win. The bedroom is also where I get ready in the morning, I have been searching for the perfect dressing table for a while and so far I have been unsuccessful. A dressing table can’t be too big and must have a mirror and sufficient makeup storage.

Dream House Dresser

The Backyard

The only reason that I have even thought about a back yard is because Gracie needs somewhere to be and room to move. She’s going to be a big dog so she will need room to play all day plus walks.


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