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House Pride

We all know I love Harry Potter, That is no secret. When Loot Crate*** Launched their Wizarding World of Harry Potter Crate I’m sure I was one of the first to sign up. We are now a few boxes into this crate and it keeps getting better and better. This month’s Wizarding World of Harry Potter Crate theme wasHogwarts House Pride.

I feel like this is the one I have been waiting for. Ever since I was sorted (chose to be) into Slytherin I have been hoping for more house themed things to come through. Sidenote; I was sorted on Pottermore which we all know is the real deal. Finally, my hopes and dreams have been realised because this crate has all things House Pride.

What Makes Up House Pride?

This box is really a Journey to House Pride. You have a ticket for the Hogwarts Express on a Hogwarts lanyard to start your sorting journey. Shortly after that, you meet the Sorting Hat pin and you can be sorted.  A Hogwarts Raglan tee has all the potential house info on it and in Australia, it’s about to be winter so I’m loving the sleeves. Then the box really kicks off into House Pride mode.

House Pride Hogwarts


I have confirmed with another box receiver (Hey Lara) that the house you are sorted into is the house theme of your box. Since mine is Slytherin I received a Slytherin beanie that goes perfectly with my scarf I picked up at Harry Potter world in Japan.

House Pride Slytherin

I’m not sure how they managed to get this next item in the box but I’m glad they did. To boost the house pride in you there is a small duffle bag in your house colours in this box. Perfect for quidditch gear, stashing food from the great hall or for all you muggles out there dog toy storage.

If you’re a Harry Potter fan you need this box from Loot Crate


  1. Annelise says:

    Omg I love this! Doing the studio tour in London was one of the best things I ever did. I’m a Gryffindor at heart though sorry 😛

    1. Everyday Aimee says:

      It’s ok il forgive you!

  2. Rachel says:

    I am obsessed with Harry Potter Glad I am not alone.

    1. Everyday Aimee says:

      You would love this crate!! It’s bi monthly and it’s well worth the wait

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