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Here we go. The first ‘real’ post on this website.  It seems only appropriate that I am writing my first post in class.

The thing is I finish Uni at the end of this semester (provided I pass my two subjects) and I’m terrified. For the last 3.5 years i have been working to complete my bachelor degree, Until last year I didn’t even have a major I just took subjects I thought I would enjoy. When I finally took a look at my subjects I discovered I have enough subjects to complete a co major of Public Relations and Human Resource (Relations) and by adding a few subjects a minor in Media.

In six months I will have finished this degree and will be looking at graduate positions, As a result I need to pick a line of work and an industry I want to go into. I have to make the decision of having a job I love or having a job that I want because I’m planning for my financial future. Hopefully I get a job that combines the two but I’m being realistic.


Have an excellent tuesday,


EverydayAimee xx


Todays Song : Cherry Lips (Go Baby, Go!)- Garbage 


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