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Hello! Thanks for coming. I found some time today to create a link up post for the #GGBlogChallenge as per a suggestion in the Girl Gang Facebook Group so we could link our daily posts all together.

Linking Up With The #GGBlogChallenge

Linking up with #GGBlogChallenge is really easy to do. Once you have posted on you’re blog head over to this post, pick the relevant day below and press add your link.
Fill in the boxes and press done! You’re all linked up

  1. Introduce yourself. Where are you from and what do you love about your home town?
    [inlinkz_linkup id=659863 mode=1]
  2. What are you thankful for? We so often forget to reflect on the good stuff so let’s focus on the positive and spread the goodness of life around!
    [inlinkz_linkup id=660239 mode=1]
  3. Who is your favourite band or musician? What is your favourite track by them and why?
    [inlinkz_linkup id=660240 mode=1]
  4. My Favourite recipe is__________ (fill in the blank).
    [inlinkz_linkup id=660241 mode=1]
  5. Name an activity that you love doing.
    [inlinkz_linkup id=660242 mode=1]
  6. Share 20 things that make you happy.
    [inlinkz_linkup id=660243 mode=1]
  7. Start and share a bucket list if you haven’t already.
    [inlinkz_linkup id=660245 mode=1]
  8. Share 15 interesting things about you and a picture of you exactly as you are today. No cheating!
    [inlinkz_linkup id=660246 mode=1]
  9. Write a letter to sixteen year old you, what would you want you to know?
    [inlinkz_linkup id=660248 mode=1]
  10. What is a song that you hate? It’s ok not to like different music!
    [inlinkz_linkup id=660250 mode=1]
  11. What is the worst meal you have ever eaten or experienced?
    [inlinkz_linkup id=660251 mode=1]
  12. What is something that you avoid doing at all costs.
    [inlinkz_linkup id=660252 mode=1]
  13. 10 Books you loved to read when growing up.
    [inlinkz_linkup id=660253 mode=1]
  14. Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
    [inlinkz_linkup id=660254 mode=1]
  15. If I could change one thing I would________ (fill in the blank).
    [inlinkz_linkup id=660255 mode=1]
  16. What are your favourite beauty products?
    [inlinkz_linkup id=660256 mode=1]
  17. Tell us about your next big goal and why it exists.
    [inlinkz_linkup id=660257 mode=1]
  18. Try something new and write a review!
    [inlinkz_linkup id=660259 mode=1]
  19. Who do you wish you could meet?
    [inlinkz_linkup id=660260 mode=1]
  20. Share your top 3 books or movies.
    [inlinkz_linkup id=660261 mode=1]
  21. What did you like or dislike about today?
    [inlinkz_linkup id=660263 mode=1]
  22. Share 5 bloggers that you have discovered through this challenge and what you like about them. Don’t forget to link!
    [inlinkz_linkup id=660264 mode=1]
  23. Post a picture from when you were a kid (under 10) and why you chose it.
    [inlinkz_linkup id=660266 mode=1]
  24. What is your go to outfit?
    [inlinkz_linkup id=660268 mode=1]
  25. Write about your day using both words and gifs!
    [inlinkz_linkup id=660269 mode=1]
  26. First 10 songs with your music on shuffle! (We had too!)
    [inlinkz_linkup id=660270 mode=1]
  27. What is one thing you would love to do but the thought of it scares you?
    [inlinkz_linkup id=660271 mode=1]
  28. What is your home/house/ living style or “dream house”?
    [inlinkz_linkup id=660272 mode=1]
  29. Share one memory that you think about a lot?
    [inlinkz_linkup id=660273 mode=1]
  30. What have you learnt from this challenge?
    [inlinkz_linkup id=660274 mode=1]
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