Fuck Budget And Why You Should Have One. 

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I used to not give a fuck. At least, I thought I didn’t give a fuck then I read up on fuck budgets. I then made my own fuck budget and my whole life changed.

Here’s what happened. I was scrolling twitter like I do each week and I came across this post by Rhianna Olivia about Fuck Budgets. Anything with swearing gets my attention so naturally, I clicked through (you should too).

Fuck Budget

The Life-Changing Magic of Not Giving A Fuck.

By clicking through I found out about this book called ‘The Life-Changing Magic of Not Giving A Fuck’ by Sarah Knight.  Intrigued I logged onto book depository and purchased it. This book changed everything I thought I knew about not giving a fuck. But you still haven’t mentioned fuck budgets? I know, hold up.

The ‘The Life-Changing Magic of Not Giving A Fuck’ is inspired by the book “life-changing magic of tidying up”, It is essentially a book guiding you to tidy up your life and all the things you’re wasting time on giving a fuck about. It’s actually so much more than that so please go out and buy the book.

Fuck Budgets and Life Changes.

Here we are, this is the good shit. The Fuck Budget. The Fuck Budget is the collection of things that you spend each day giving a fuck about. They cost energy, money or time and when it comes down to it we often waste all those three elements on things we do not truly give a fuck about. In short, we’re wasting our fuck budget.

My Fuck Budget

The Fuck Budget system is broken down into four elements – things, work, friends and family. My fuck budget started out as a list of 300 things! That’s right, 300. Way to much stuff was in my fuck budget and as a result, I was run down, cranky and resentful. Now my fuck budget consists of under 50 things which I think is a significant cut of what I had.

Things I will stop giving a fuck about.

Donald Trump. It is what it is, hopefully, someone will fix that situation but that someone is not me.
Everyone else’s driving. As long as they don’t hit my car it’s not my problem.
What I am eating. If it’s delicious and I’m eating veggies twice a week who cares how many times a week I eat chips?
Daily stats on this blog. I’ve accidentally become obsessed with the daily stats for my blog and it takes up too much of my day.
My Housemates ‘allergies’, they’re not life threatening so I don’t care.

Things I will Keep Giving a Fuck about.

My local politics and making sure they realise that climate change is real and that same-sex marriage isn’t hurting anyone.
Looking after myself by getting enough sleep and drinking enough water
Paying my rent.
Walking my dog as much as I can.
AFL more specifically the bombers!

Work Things I will stop giving a fuck about.

Teenage customers with kate hill bags, yeah they’re most likely thieves but what are you going to do?
The wages budget. It’s not my responsibility to oversee the running of the store.
Who will do _______ if I take a day off?

Work Things I will Keep Giving a Fuck about.

Safety and Education. Safety is paramount to me at work at all times, so much so I want to make it a career.
Achieving my yearly goals and growth.
Taking my breaks, I don’t get paid not to take my breaks.

There is a lot more that I have taken out of my fuck budget, I won’t bore you with the details. I do recommend you buy The Life-Changing Magic of Not Giving A Fuck and make your own fuck budget.



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