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If you’ve just found this blog welcome, If you have followed for a while and clicked here I hope you’re well.

Who and what is Everyday Aimee?

everyday aimeeI’m Aimee, 27-year-old Melbournian and chief blogger at Everyday Aimee. started on a whim at 2am 3 years ago after losing sleep to the blogosphere and the other amazing blogs around and I haven’t looked back. Reading blogs about fashion, beauty and travel made me think about how glamorous my life isn’t and how life isn’t all it seems on the internet. This made me feel the need to create a blog about an everyday girl who does everyday things while including blogs about beauty, life, and adventures along the way.

After stumbling across niche’s and different focuses for Everyday Aimee I took a good look at my blog in April 2016 and realized that I had lost sight of the reasons I started this blog. So I have begun taking the steps to bring this blog back to the reasons I started it while still keeping a focus on beauty and life.


Three things you should know about me:That Gracie Dog Everyday Aimee

  1. I have a border collie called Gracie and she’s the best.
  2.  Adventures are a priority in my life.
  3. I believe a week without a burger is a week wasted.

If so far you’re liking what you’re reading let me know by commenting on any of the posts. If you would like to get involved or have a question for Everyday Aimee please email me here everydayaims(at)  Otherwise click here to see my latest posts.


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