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domestic violence

White ribbon day was this week just been. It’s the day we unite and say no to not only violence against women but all domestic violence. This day is your chance to pledge a zero tolerance for any kind of domestic violence, and live this pledge each and every day.

One thing I noticed this year was people changing their facebook photos to include a filter declaring that they were against violence to women and girls. This filter is a great initiative. However, someone I know to be an instigator of domestic violence placed this filter on his picture. I know this topic isn’t something I would discuss on this blog but it made me so fucking sick to see him use it. Knowing that he was the reason a friend became a fucked up statistic for something he pretends to be against has made me so angry and I needed to say something.

Domestic violence isn’t just physical. It’s also emotional, financial, mental and control abuse. Domestic Violence is a reality that thousands of Australians face every day and it’s a reality that has to stop. 52 women a year are killed as a result of domestic violence, those who survive often find themselves homeless. Domestic and Family violence are the leading cause of homelessness for women and their children.

What Can You Do Against Domestic Violence?

Don’t just change your profile picture make a change. Take the oath , get your workplaces involved and raise money for white ribbon, 1800 Respect or McAuley Community Services. Be vocal about your beliefs and be willing to help those who need it. Learn the signs and recognise them, offer help even if the behaviours are denied. Say No.


When my friend was going through this I didn’t know what I could do. I did the things that made sense; I answered my phone when she called, I offered financial help as best I could but mostly I just supported her.


  1. Tyler Kelly says:

    Domestic violence needs to stop. We need to raise awareness to it.

  2. Bec Gist says:

    I love you. Thank you for being there for me, through this & through everything xx

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