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Everyday Aimee is a personal blog run and owned by myself (Aimee Elliott). I blog about my life, my shopping problem and burgers. From time to time everydayaimee.com is offered items and experiences in return for a post.All opinions expressed on here are completely my own and are not influenced by the opportunity/sponsorship provider but based on my experience alone.

Any post that has sponsorship attachment will share the following or something similar;

*This is a sponsored post by All opinions and views expressed are completely my own.*

I am also a member of some affiliate programs and as a result occasionally I can earn income from sharing links and images on everydayaimee.com. When sharing an affiliate image or link it will be marked with *** to notify the reader that this is an affiliate product.

If this does not occur and you feel like it is a sponsored post please contact me at info(at) everydayaimee.com

Along with product reviews I also consider give-aways and collaborations. Everydayaimee.com is also a member of affiliate company Commission factory and as a result I am given the opportunity to  advertise companies on my site and from time to time I earn a small amount from this. I only affiliate myself with companies I feel suit my blog and interest my readers. If you feel like I am affiliated with something that is not in my or my readers best interest please contact me asap.

If you are interested in sponsoring a post or collaborating with me please email me with who you are and how you would like to be involved with Everydayaimee.com.

This page was updated February 7, 2015. Some details have been updated and while I have done my best to make sure previous posts apply to this disclosure some things may have been missed.


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