Derby Day – Spring Racing Carnival

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Derby Day

Derby day has become somewhat of a tradition for one of my friendship groups. Suiting up and getting into the black and white theme of derby day is a fun day out with friends.

A lot of people disprove of horse racing but to be honest I am there for the fashion, friends and drinking. I get asked a lot why do I go if it’s just for those reasons and I get why they would think that but I am a lover of dress codes and it is my main draw card. If there was a club or bar that offered me the same experience I would be there each week but the reality is there isn’t.

Derby day is black and white themed, not only it is the easiest theme to dress for in my opinion it is the best looking as well. This year I went with a backless black dress with white trim. I struggled to find a fascinator that suited what I wanted, so I made one it was super easy.

I had a few punts but didn’t manage a win but the beverages ( Hello Yellowglen) were prize enough. Plus hanging out with friend not in a dingy pub was a nice change.  

Did you go to this years spring carnival?


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