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Remember when you used to post 4 times a day on Facebook? You tweeted at least 15 times a day and uploaded everything to social media? They were good times. Then people started complaining about how much you post and bit by bit you posted less and eventually you just went on to tag people in posts you agreed with or reminded you of them.

Now you go on social media and nothing is new or interesting and you’re lucky if you see 5 new posts a day. Dayre is here to  take you back to posting whatever you want, when you want.

What is Dayre?

In short, Dayre pronounced Day-Ray is an app based content sharing system. Like Instagram its is mostly app based however you have the ability to like and comment on posts via a web page, however, you cannot publish. The reality is that Dayre is so much more than content sharing. Dayre is a community of creators, makers and life lovers who share their daily, weekly monthly activities with the world that don’t quite meet the Facebook or Instagram standard. We’re the people who excessively use snap chat but want the moment to remain sharable.

How do I use Dayre?

There are 5 Media options for uploading to Dayre.

  1. Text or quotes. You can choose to post text as is or as a quote.
  2. Images. Upload an existing photo or take a new one.
  3. Video. You can embed, upload or shoot a video.
  4. Stickers. There are free stickers available or you can buy some with Dayre coins. The free range is pretty good when it comes to different stickers there are a few ranges to download to your dayre.
  5. Locations. Areas you can check into or specific spaces you are close to are called locations. If you’re at a specific site you can check into the location and share that you were there.
Dayre Media options
Left to right, top to bottom. Text, photo, video, stickers, location, sharing.

As with all social medias, Dayre is based on a follow/be followed sharing system with something extra. While we all know that #hashtags help you gain followers Dayre also has editors picks that are not based on your follower numbers but how great your posts are.

There are 2 feeds of information. Following, people who you are following and Local. You can be found and interact with people local to you. Local is defined as in your country so people aren’t going to find you in a food court!

Dayre feed types
The following feed type.

Like most platforms To find more people to follow you can explore users by ‘blogs'(users) and hashtags.

What I really like about Dayre is that it is so positive. All of the users interact in a really positive way and negative comments are not tolerated. You can see what your community are saying by selecting the world in the bottom bar and scrolling through. 

You can sign up to Dayre here or by clicking the image below. I’d love to know when you’ve signed up so follow me and I can connect with you. You can find my profile here.



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