Day 7: The Bucket List Post 

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St Jeromes Bucket List

The bucket list. The do before I die list. Everyone has one and each one is different. Today’s post challenge is to create or share your bucket list. I don’t really have a bucket list I do things as the opportunity presents itself and don’t really consider making future opportunities for things I want to do. This list is very thrown together and yes, I googled for inspiration.

Aimee’s Bucket List

      1. Eat at a 3 star michelin star restaurant. I know it’s going to be expensive but I also imaging that it will be amazing.
      2. Own a pet elephant. Yes like on the Simpsons. I will also accept sponsoring an elephant in a habitat.
      3. Go travelling with Mark. Hopefully we can tick this off next year.
      4. Learn a second language. A European language would be cool but an Asian one would be better.
      5. Win a super cool prize.

        bucket list cool
      6. Get a job in my idea career path. I would love to work in workplace safety.
      7. Grow my blog to 2000+ subscribers.
      8.  Go to every state in Australia.
      9. Snorkel or dive the Great Barrier Reef before it dies completely.
      10. Fly first class. Just once!
      11. Arrive somewhere by helicopter like a badass.
      12. Meet a world leader.
      13. Become the singing voice of a Disney princess.
      14. Survive December without hearing one christmas carol (impossible!)
      15. Go Glamping in Melbourne, probably at St Jeromes.
        St Jeromes Bucket List
      16. Stay the night in an igloo.
      17. Learn to sail.

Bucket lists are for dreaming right! while some of these things seem impossible others are quiet achievable if a little expensive.Writing this list has made me realise a lot of these things are achievable and that only I am standing in my way. None of googles suggestions made it onto this list which I am quiet proud of!

What is on your bucket list?

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  1. Cassie Sims says:

    Wow, awesome. Flying first class is deffo on my bucket list too.. which reminds me it’s time to write my day 7 post aahh!

    1. Everyday Aimee says:

      You can do it!

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