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The Dark Arts are many, varied, ever-changing, and eternal.” -Severus Snape, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince.

This month’s Wizarding World*** Loot Crate is all about the Dark Arts and the darker side of the wizarding world. Drawing inspiration from Tom Riddle, Azkaban and the evilest person in the wizarding world, Dolores Umbridge, this crate will have you in desperate need of chocolate to brighten your day back up.

The Dark Arts Crate

This months wearable is a Fantastic Beasts t-shirt featuring Percival Graves with the quote “We’ve lived in the shadows for too long”. Appropriate for this box since Graves is potentially the evilest man in Fantastic Beasts.

The Azkaban Pouch leads into the Harry Potter side of this box. Designed like your very own inmate plate this pouch is handy for wand storage and using in your own mugshot. I will probably use it for touch up make up since its the right size for my handbag.

Dark Arts Accessories
This months pin is a Tom Riddle Diary pin with Basilisk tooth for you to rid the world of evil on your own.  Sending via Owl Post just got easier with a Chamber of Secrets Stationary Set. This black card and envelope set is embossed with the emblem of the Chamber of Secrets. I get making this black makes it all “evil” however how am I meant to write in everyday ink on black card?. It also comes with a wax stick and sealing stamp to keep your envelopes all sealed up.

Finally a representation of the evilest being in the wizarding world and user of the dark arts; Dolores Umbridge.

Dark Arts Cat Plates
The Frolicsome Feline plates as displayed in Umbridges office only support my opinion that cats are evil. These four plates can be used for display or as I will probably use them; as actual plates.

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