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You know that song that you hate? Yes, that one that springs to your mind. It’s a dance floor killer isn’t it? Everyone is having a great time and then the “DJ” puts on a bad song and the dance floor empties.

They’re the type of songs I hate. Today the #GGBlogChallenge wants to know “What is a song that you hate?” While I don’t have one specific song a couple spring to mind when I think about songs no one wants to listen too.

Dance Floor Killers

The Dance Floor Killers. 

Imagine it. You’re at the bar and you’ve had a few drinks and your best friends favourite song comes on. This is followed by your favourite songs and to top it off the bar tenders favourite song comes after that. The dance floor is filled with people singing and dancing, as one great song comes to an end Every Morning – Sugar Ray comes over the speakers and you all look at one another before getting the heck off that dance floor. Sugar Ray before 3 am? Oh no. The DJ tries to redeem himself with In Da Club -50 Cent which gets the girls who are out for a birthday back on the floor and others dancing in line at the bar.

The situation then goes two ways. The DJ punches out another classic hit, usually along the lines of Wannabe – Spice Girls or Barbie Girl -Aqua which gets every girl on the dance floor and they are soon joined reluctantly by their remaining friends. The other scenario our DJ puts on the ultimate dance floor killer Cotton Eye Joe – Rednex or Who Let The Dogs Out -Baja Men and before you know it the floor and the bar are totally dead.

While I can’t say that I hate any of the songs in bold above they are all dance floor killers that can and will ruin a night when given a chance. What is your dancefloor killer?


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