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Conscious Beauty Bella Box

A few months ago I stopped my subscription to Bellabox Australia because it just wasn’t worth it for me anymore. I continued to watch what was coming in via the boxes and I have re-subscribed after seeing the quality of each box go back to a great standard. My first box back is the Conscious Beauty Box and as I sit here stroking my soft skin thanks to the Derma E Purifying 2-in-1 Charcoal Mask I am glad I am back.

What is Conscious Beauty?

This is actually a great box to join back to for me. I recently decided that I was going to do my very best to go animal testing free and avoid anything containing animal or derived from animal ingredients. It has not  been an easy task but I have found some awesome new products as a result.

Conscious beauty for me is about purchasing and using products that contain or are derived from natural ingredients. This means I do my best to avoid products that test on animals, that are bad for the environment or that use too many chemicals in their products.

Whats in the Conscious Beauty Box? 

Australian Pure Beauty Micellar Water Make Up Remover I love Micellar water make up remover especially when removing eye makeup. It’s gentle on the eyes and this one happens to be vegan which is always a bonus. I only used it to remove a test on my hand and it took a little bit of rubbing but it seems to be a solid product.

The Aroma Magic Neem & Tea Tree Face Wash didn’t leave a lasting impression at all on my, It tingled too much for my liking and comes with a warning to avoid using on dry or sensitive skin. A sample size Palmers Perfecting Facial Oil for reducing fine lines is included in the box. I have used this product before and over the space of a month saw some results however I also saw an increase in acne as my skin HATES any oil treatments.

My favourite product by far in this box is the afore mentioned Derma E Purifying 2-in-1 Charcoal Mask. With a clay like thickness to it this mask is fast drying and washes off easily. It is ready to use in the tube and dries in 5-10 minutes, the perfect mask for when you need one but do not have a lot of time. My skin actually feels softer and the blackheads I keep meaning to treat have been reduced.

Rymba.Rhythm By Karen Murrell claims to be a lipstick but feels like a balm crossed with a stain. The first thing I noticed was the strong pigmentation and staying power of the lip colour. I tested it on my hand and the included Miceller Water took a bit to get it off.

Bonus inclusion was the Nutraeffects By Avon Samples.

Overall I am Happy that I rejoined Bellabox if you would like to try out Bellabox and save $5 click here and use the coupon WELCOME at the check out.

Join bellabox today and get $5 off your first month!


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