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I go to a fair few blogging workshops and networking events. no matter how many you go to they will always include some form of introductory game. Attending so many events means that I am always coming out as a blogger. I have managed to get my introduction down to “Hi, Im Aimee I am 25 been with my current company 9 years and for fun I blog”. Then the questions begin, they come thick, fast and often in the form of a test.

10 reactions to coming out as a blogger

  1. You must have a really nice house.
    My house is ok? I guess? To be honest its a total mess because I am rarely home. Where does this assumption come from, I think it’s pinterest but please correct me if I’m wrong!
  2. Do you get free things everyday?
    That is the dream not the reality. I make a modest amount from this blog and occasionally I get free things but they are few and far between. Mostly I buy things I like and then write about them.
  3. Do you really think your life is that interesting?
    Yes I do, You’re a jerk.
    In all seriousness it’s not about how interesting my life is, It’s about the challenges I  set myself and what you guys like reading.
  4. Are you going to put this in your blog?
    To be totally honest, probably not. Unless I learn the cure for cancer or the secret to world peace this session probably won’t be all that helpful for anyone outside of the retail life.
  5. How many pictures do you take of your food everyday?
    15 each meal. Not really, I only take pictures if I am doing a post about food and if it was good. This also applies to coffee.
  6. You must have a million/ ten readers, Hey? (Laughter)
    The amount of readers I have are actually none of your business. Everyday my readership grows and while my goal is a million readers that number isn’t a priority.
  7. You all just write about the same things.
    Sure ok, Have you ever logged onto the internet. Blog topics are endless and while a few of us might write about the same shampoo all of us have a different opinion on it.
  8. So you make YouTube videos?
    No. Just No
  9. You must love sharing personal things.
    No, I love sharing what I learn from personal experiences. There is a difference.
  10. Why do you Blog?
    I ask myself this a lot too. I enjoy it is my main reason I suppose there are others but nothing comes to mind.

These are the most common reactions when I come out as a blogger and some of the most amusing. What fun fact do you get weird reactions to?


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