October Roundup.

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Tulip festival date september october

October went by way to fast. I was signing some paperwork today and I wrote the date and freaked out a little. Where did October go? What did I even do last month? So many questions and I had no answers.

Day 17: The Next Big Goal

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Goal setting and achieving isn’t on everyone’s to do list. I believe in having goals, I like to think they’re a good way to move forward. If were all honest with ourselves we can admit that life isn’t always kind and it doesn’t always go to plan. So we come up with something to work towards, we create our next goal.

Day 14: In 10 Years I Will Be.

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10 years and dogs

I almost missed this post! Hopefully in 10 years I will be more organised! Todays post question is “Where do you see yourself in 10 years?”.  Is it awful that I really haven’t thought about it? The truth is deep down inside I firmly believed that I would be dead by 25. I used to have a recurring dream about it and since most of my recurring dreams come true I figured this would too. Up until 25 I lived with wild abandon and then when I hit 25 I faltered and have been ever since.


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