The Japan Plan (Free Holiday Budget Spreadsheet)

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Japan Plan Holiday Spreadsheet

Mark and I are taking a large relationship size step and have booked our first holiday together to Japan. We have booked our tickets with the help of Peta Zablocki at Flight Center who was very patient with how picky I am when it comes to airlines! Snaps for Peta. Right now we are putting together what I have titled “The Japan Plan” which is a list of what we would like to do and have discovered in our research.

Winter Date Ideas – Melbourne 2016

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winter dates

If you’re single and ready to mingle or in a relationship and need the motivation to get out of bed with your significant other, I have you covered. Winter date ideas are hard to come by, poor weather and a preference for bed are the biggest issues, the next is making sure it’s somewhere not too crowded and not boring! Luckily I have ticked all these boxes with these date ideas for Melbourne 2016.


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