Shuffle Songs, My First 10 // Day 26

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Shuffle Yellowcard

What list is complete without a song shuffle? None. Todays #GGBlogChallenge post wants to know my first 10 songs that pop up on shuffle and to be honest these are my favourite posts. I chose to do this challenge with my iTunes library instead of just my iPod as there is 10 times the amount of music on my iTunes over my iPod.

Day 20: Top 3 Movie Choices.

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I watch a lot of movies. I like to switch my mind off at the end of the day and movies help me do that. Today we are talking about my top 3 movies and I’m going to add in why I like them and a few other bits. This post may contain spoilers about some really great movies.

5 Aussie Acts That You Love.

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High Violet Aussie Acts

Yay!! A music post! As you should know by now I love browsing the internet for new band, acts and tunes to listen to. Today I want to talk about these 5 Aussie acts that you love but don’t know it yet. 

Melbourne Autumn Date Ideas 2016

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melb date ideas

Autumn is well and truly here, the weather is cooler, our clocks are back and leaves are all over your car. Now is the time to find and keep that winter partner to get you through the long cold nights. You might be looking on tinder or have enough guts to just see someone and ask them out. So when you find that someone it’s time to date them and convince them that winter with you is a great idea, this is the tricky part.

Dating can be daunting, not only do you have to get someone to say yes but you also have to come up with an idea, this is where I can help you out. Read on for date ideas that you don’t have to think twice about.


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