I’ve Been Avoiding You.

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I’ve been avoiding you, that’s what I’m telling all the things I haven’t gotten around to lately. About a month ago I realised I had taken on too much again I was exhausted and found myself chasing my own tail. So I stepped back and gave my self time to settle into my new job, spend time with Bella before she moved to the UK and spend time doing things I wanted to do.

10 Things To Help You Survive In Retail.

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Coming up in September is my ten year anniversary with the retail company I have worked for since I was 15/16.  While I have cut down to the minimum one shift every three months quiet a few times I have always returned to the same company. This place has financially helped me through high school, University and countless bottles of wine. Now I am a manager and at 25 I am actually proud of how far I have come you see, the retail life isn’t actually that bad it’s actually pretty easy to survive in retail.

I Want To Read Young Adult Fiction

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Young Adult Reads

I am a sucker for young Adult fiction. They’re so easy to read and while they can stomp on your heart while you’re reading it young adult fiction always has a great ending.

This month I set my self a goal to read more and play less sims. So far I am doing well but I think I can do better. This is a list of what I have read this year and why I think you should check out these books and yes, they’re all young adult fiction.


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