Dayre. It’s your new thing. 

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Dayre october

Remember when you used to post 4 times a day on Facebook? You tweeted at least 15 times a day and uploaded everything to social media? They were good times. Then people started complaining about how much you post and bit by bit you posted less and eventually you just went on to tag people in posts you agreed with or reminded you of them.

Now you go on social media and nothing is new or interesting and you’re lucky if you see 5 new posts a day. Dayre is here to  take you back to posting whatever you want, when you want.

Bloggers To Read

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Bloggers you need to read

I make it my mission to sit down and read through at least 3 blogs a day. While I don’t always leave comments I like to read and see what everyone else is blogging about. I have put together a list of my favourites that I love to read and I think you should read too.


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