8 Things I Learnt From Blogging In 2016

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Things I Learnt From Blogging 2016

2017 is here and I tried to reflect on all the things I did last year and I honestly cannot think of any. What I can remember are the things I learnt in 2016 especially those things I learnt from blogging. So instead of talking about my life in 2016, I am going to write about what I learnt from blogging in 2016.

Horror October Loot Crate + Coupon

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If there is one month it is appropriate to release a Horror themed crate it is October. Fitting in with the spooky theme of the month, Hello Halloween lover. The Horror crate surprised me with how they tied the contents in with the theme.  Each month the Loot Crate box folds out to something associated with the theme; This months horror box provided a zombie mask for the last minute Halloween costume.

Dayre. It’s your new thing. 

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Dayre october

Remember when you used to post 4 times a day on Facebook? You tweeted at least 15 times a day and uploaded everything to social media? They were good times. Then people started complaining about how much you post and bit by bit you posted less and eventually you just went on to tag people in posts you agreed with or reminded you of them.

Now you go on social media and nothing is new or interesting and you’re lucky if you see 5 new posts a day. Dayre is here to  take you back to posting whatever you want, when you want.

Shuffle Songs, My First 10 // Day 26

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Shuffle Yellowcard

What list is complete without a song shuffle? None. Todays #GGBlogChallenge post wants to know my first 10 songs that pop up on shuffle and to be honest these are my favourite posts. I chose to do this challenge with my iTunes library instead of just my iPod as there is 10 times the amount of music on my iTunes over my iPod.

5 GGBlogChallenge Bloggers // Day 22

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The GGBlogChallenge has not gone according to plan for me but I’m glad it was a success for some other bloggers. I fell well behind and kept forgetting to blog. However, through this challenge, I have discovered some other blogs that I love to read and wanted to share these bloggers with you.

Day 20: Top 3 Movie Choices.

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I watch a lot of movies. I like to switch my mind off at the end of the day and movies help me do that. Today we are talking about my top 3 movies and I’m going to add in why I like them and a few other bits. This post may contain spoilers about some really great movies.


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