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Cards Against Muggles, it’s like Cards Against Humanity but for Potterheads. If you’re rolling your eyes because you don’t like Harry Potter read this instead. We can wait…

Ok, they’re gone. For all you Potterheads out there this is the game for you.

Cards Against Muggles.

First up Cards Against Muggles comes with a warning of 1300 cards. I foolishly thought it would so easy to print and cut out. It was not.

The Deck has 850 white cards and 350 Black cards, it doesn’t come with a rule sheet but you play the same way as CAH. Most of the cards are character based, a couple mention JK and some mention the actors. The Black cards are well worded with the opportunity to make this a very adult game or a fan fic style game.

Cards Against Muggles
There are some cards that pull on the heart strings (*sob* George Weasley looking into the mirror of Erised and seeing Fred *sob*) and others that fill in a few gaps of what really went down at Hogwarts.  Like CAH there are some double cards and some pick 3 cards, at first I thought I had some double ups but they are slightly different.

Cards Against Muggles

Cards Against Muggles Printing.

There is a lot of cards to print and cut. the printing is easy but the cutting sucked. I started but it was going to take Days to cut. I ended up caving and getting it printed at Officeworks in Ferntree Gully. It was a bit of a drive but my local Officeworks REFUSED to print it. Their print department did such a great job with the printing and the cutting.

You can buy the game here for $19.95 USD

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  1. Anna says:

    Hey how much did it cost you to print at officeworks?

    1. Everyday Aimee says:

      it was about $30 for printing and then cutting was more, I also got a staff discount because i work at a sister company

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