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Day 5 of the #GGBlogChallenge and I’m not going to lie, blogging today was a struggle. Today I’m writing about burgers for two reasons. The first is that I LOVE a good burger, the second is that the day 5 topic is “Name an activity that you love doing.” so I am writing about eating burgers.

Burgers are the way to go in Melbourne, it seems like every month there is a new place opening and I have a need to try them all. I would say on average I eat 5 burgers a month and at least 2 of those are somewhere new.

Burger - Royal Stacks

What makes a good burger place? 

Mark and I try a lot of burger places, he likes to rank them in a top 5 and top 1o fashion. I like to eat many burgers and generalise to top 10 and top 100. The key things I look for when picking a burger place are as follows.

  • Do they offer a beef option in both single and double patty?
  • Is truffle mayo available? (My current fave)
  • Can I see ‘Double Cheese’ anywhere on the menu?
  • Do they have an internal bathroom? Burgers are messy!
  • Are there alcoholic beverages also available?
  • Does it look good in Instagram posts? (Marks Addition)

Burger - Geelong

Currently my favourite burger has been from Brother Burger and the Marvelous Brew. I can’t explain why but it was so damn good even though we were attacked by a bee at the time. I also like the Juicy Lucy from Panned Pizza, stuffed with cheese it is the burger dreams are made of.


  1. Leanie says:

    The burger looks so delicious, just i would order mine without the union and salad – it’s not good for my digestive system.

    I’ve noticed that you state in your post that you take note if they serve alcohol!? Why, if i may ask?
    Leanie recently posted…# THE GIRL GANG PRESENTS | DAY 5 | AN ACTIVITY THAT I LOVE DOINGMy Profile

    1. Everyday Aimee says:

      Its a real Aussie thing to have a beer and a burger. It feels weird not to put them together!

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