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book swap

At the moment on Facebook there is a giant book swap going on. The goal is to share some of your old books with a friend or a stranger and receive some in their place, basically it is a book swap chain mail type of thing. 

If you’re anything like me your house looks like this;

book swap

I can’t help but buy more books every week, I’d call it a problem but I really don’t see one. When this book swap post appeared on my feed I went click crazy and now I have to give away more of my books, however by sharing it with you I can also get a few more.

Here is the post about the book swap. 

“Hey everyone,
Needing at least 6 people to participate in a book exchange- you can be anywhere in the world, the further we get the better!
All you have to do is buy a book or part with a second-hand one and send it to one person. You will receive approximately 36 books back.📚 (who doesn’t love some free books?!)
If you are interested click “Like” and I’ll inbox you the details!

I am a huge reader and this idea was actually one that appealed to me but putting it on my Facebook just wasn’t for me. So I decided to put the book swap idea on this blog and instead of an inbox take emails about it. The thing I love most about this book swap idea is being open to new books I might not select for myself. The books I have sent on were ones that I have read and read again, ones that I couldn’t put down and lost sleep over.

If you are interested email me at everydayaims(at) and I will hook you up with the addresses to send your books onto and further instructions.



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