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Black Friday only came to Australia a few years ago. Before that we relied on Stocktake sales and Mid-Year Clearance Sales. When they first arrived many Australians made comments like “It’s an American thing” and “Those sales make people crazy”. Now it’s more like “they ran out so fast” and “40% off! That’s not a sale”. To be fair, that is the Australian way.

This year I found myself accidentally participating in the Black Friday sales. By accidentally I mean I went to DFO with the intent of watching a friend shop. That obviously didn’t work and I ended up doing some serious shopping myself. Keep in mind that DFO is a factory outlet so a lot of this stuff was already discounted.

Black Friday Haul.

First stop was Cotton On where I purchased a ridiculously comfortable bralette, A round towel, a couple of accessories and these stupidly cute shorts. Total regular value $94.95, Black Friday Value $32.97, usually I probably wouldn’t have purchased the towel but I saved so much that I went back to get it.

Black Friday Cotton On Shorts
Black Friday Bargain: Jager Shirred Short Reg: $19.95 BF Price $9.97

Then we tried JayJays, I used to be a hardcore JayJays shopper but I got a little less emo and so did they. I only found one thing in JayJays that I wanted and it was 3 sizes too small. Naturally, I left it. We floated around a couple of other stores but I constantly found my size out of stock! Since I am a standard size I wasn’t that surprised.

After a quick lunch we stopped in at Peter Alexander where I found a nightie that was originally $79.95, Clearance priced at $39.99 and a Black Friday sale of 60% off took it down to $15.99. It’s pink and the front is completely covered in sequins, its less of a nightie and more of a party dress but I saw it and needed it in my life. This was the purchase of the day.

Black Friday Kiko Milano

As part of the Black Friday sales I stumbled upon the Kiko Milano offer. Since they don’t ship to Australia I have a friend bring it to me when she comes home. Their offer is buy 3 products, get 3 FREE + EXPRESS free shipping (from £25). Considering I went on their to do a huge haul this was an excellent surprise! Along with my regular order of skincare, kiss balms and blushes I picked up a Holographic Lip Balm to try out.

The rest of what I purchased was Christmas gifts so I can’t really write about it. I will finish by saying I had a solid Black Friday.The total regular cost of everything today was $223.89. The actual Black Friday Cost was $98.45. I came out a winner this year.


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