Birthday Wishlist

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Birthday Wishlist

My Birthday is 34 days away!! *cough mark cough*

This means its Birthday Wishlist time.  I am impossible to buy for, not just because I don’t know what I want but because if I do want something I buy it.  I am trying to resist shopping for 30 days so that anything I do want I can put on a birthday wishlist and make it easier for people who keep asking me what I want.

The issue with birthday wishlists is that a wish list is everything your heart desires, A birthday wishlist is a cost restricted version of a wishlist and therefore harder to create. Putting my list on Pinterest means that people can check it easily and I can move things to different boards when i want to.

How do you make your Brithday wishlist?

Follow Everyday Aimee’s board Wishlist on Pinterest.

Using Pinterest makes it really easy to create a list of the things I like and since people say I’m really hard to buy for it helps to give a good example of the style of things that I like so if the exact product is unavailable something similar isn’t hard to find.

When creating a wish list consider the following things;

    1. Budget. Set a limit, if you wouldn’t spend over a certain amount on someone don’t expect it from them.
    2. Need. Do you need that red bicycle or do you want it because its shiny?
    3. Self purchase. Is this something you would buy yourself in the long term? If not you probably don’t want it.

    Follow these three easy things and watch all your birthday wishes come true, but remember sometimes having someone to celebrate with is better than having something to celebrate with and stay humble, this is something I am working on.

    Have fun creating!


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