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Winter Blues bed

It’s no secret that I get a huge case of the winter blues. Rain and cold are not my friends, give me sunshine any day! Ever year winter comes around and I get the winter blues, I don’t want to leave the bed let alone the house and everything just seems worse in every way.

The winter blues are a real thing I went to my doctor this week and she confirmed it. The winter blues can even be a form of depression called SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) if you get them really bad. Common signs of the winter blues are loss of appetite, low energy levels and a feeling of hopelessness.

Banish the Winter Blues by..

  1. Watch suits all over again. That’s the plan anyway, 78 episodes will get me through at least 2 months of cold if I limit myself to one episode a day. Then again Donna is the bomb and I don’t know if I can control myself.
  2. Commit to plans outside of my 20 minute zone. If I am more than 20 minutes from my warm bed I tend to give maybe’s and not commit. Having a guilty conscience helps me to follow through on plans if I really commit.
  3. Travel to food places! The journey could be cold but a rewarding hot meal at the end will be worth it.
  4. Help someone else out. Moving house? I’m your girl. doing something for someone else is more motivating than if I have to do something for myself. I can go a week without shampoo but if someone else asks for help its usually pretty important.
  5. Spend time outside. This means rugging up but by taking the advantage of limited sun I know I can banish these blues.
  6. Go to the snow! Each time I have been to the snow I have had an amazing time. It’s just getting the motivation to go there that is the problem.
  7. Take up an indoor activity. I don’t have to leave the inside to beat the winter blues, getting back into rock climbing is on my agenda for 2016 so why not do it as the weather cools?
  8. Look for a positive in everyday. It’s not easy but find one thing to make you smile each day.

These are mostly goals that I hope will help me get through the next few months. Do you get affected by the change in weather?



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