Melbourne Autumn Date Ideas 2016

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melb date ideas

Autumn is well and truly here, the weather is cooler, our clocks are back and leaves are all over your car. Now is the time to find and keep that winter partner to get you through the long cold nights. You might be looking on tinder or have enough guts to just see someone and ask them out. So when you find that someone it’s time to date them and convince them that winter with you is a great idea, this is the tricky part.

Dating can be daunting, not only do you have to get someone to say yes but you also have to come up with an idea, this is where I can help you out. Read on for date ideas that you don’t have to think twice about.

melb date ideas

Melbourne Autumn Date Ideas 2016.

  1. Melbourne International Comedy Festival 2016. 
    Running right up to April 17th, 2016 the Melbourne International Comedy Festival has an act for every sense of humour. Tickets are usually under the $30 mark so you can get away with dinner and a show.
  2. Bavarian BrewFest at Munich Brauhaus. 
    If you’re into beverages of the alcoholic kind and Friday partying this is the event for you. Munich Brauhaus is releasing 4 new beverages each Friday in April with Crafty Bavarian Brewing Co.
  3. The Amy Winehouse Show -Back To Black.
    If you were a fan or even half a fan this show is one to see. With sell out shows at Adelaide Fringe, this musical journey is one not to miss. If you come on down come say hello, I will be there in the front. Tickets Here.
  4. Tramboat Cruise. 
    Think you have experienced everything possible in Melbourne? I’m betting you haven’t been on the tramboat. Check out their website for different cruises and routes.
  5. Cocktail Making Class. 
    Show off your shake and beverage making abilities with a cocktail making class at Polly Bar. The best part will be out doing one another and assigning the future drink maker.
  6. Ben and Jerry’s Free Cone Day.
    If you’re planning to be open and honest from the beginning then the 12th April is for you. Nothing says “I’m Cheap” like taking someone out for free ice cream.
  7. Obstasplash. 
    This inflatable obstacle course is exactly what you think it is. Teamwork will get you through the hard, slippery and bumpy times. Team up and test your skills.
  8. Melbourne Dog Lovers Show.
    The real test to see if your date is the dog person they claim to be. From tricks to breeding, yes there is puppies, this is the highlight of my calendar year.
  9. Altitude Shift. 
    Are you half of an adventurous couple? Ready to be an everyday hero? Abseil down 113m of a skyscraper to raise month for Anglicare. Details.
  10. Street Art Tour. 
    Claim to love Melbourne but don’t know where Hosier Lane is?  Book in with Urban Scrawl for a tour of Melbourne best street art.

While these date ideas are weather permitting I suggest taking a chance. Rain can turn dates into romance or add to the memory of an already amazing day.
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