8 Ways To Make The Most Of Phillip Island.

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Phillip Island golf

Phillip Island is easier than you think to get to. Although it is a bit of a drive getting to Phillip Island does not involve any boats or planes, just a decent sized bridge and a tank of fuel.

Working every second weekend means that sometimes I have a Friday or Monday off. These days are the perfect time for a day date/ adventure and this time Mark and I chose to adventure down to Phillip Island for two reasons. 1. Because it had a maze and 2. to play with our Go Pro.

Phillip Island is just over 1.5 hours out of Melbourne by car, 2 if you drive like me and get lost easily. There is also a lot of towns along the way for coffee and food stops. As a Melbournian I forget to be a tourist in my own city/ state a lot and forget to take advantage of places like Phillip Island because it seems to local and when we do adventure there we don’t make the most of it.

10 Ways To Make The Most Of Phillip Island.

  1. Leave early. Mark and I made the rookie mistake of leaving closer to lunch time and since i got lost easily we didn’t get there until the afternoon.
  2. Plan your visit. My focus was to go to A Maze ‘N Things and we but there are a lot of other things you can do on Phillip Island that I didn’t know about.
  3. Stay Overnight. If you can, accommodation is reasonably priced and there is plenty of it!
  4. See the Penguins. At  night the penguins return home from the sea to their colony and if you haven’t seen it before I recommend making time to see it at least once.
  5. Meet a Koala. Maru Koala and Animal park is actually before you’re on Phillip Island but while you’re making the most of your trip you should schedule it in.
  6. Bring food with you. Like any tourist destination the food can get pricy in some of the cafe’s around the area. Packing lunch and a snack means you can go somewhere nice for dinner if you would like to.
  7. Bring your sweet tooth. Regretfully we ran out of time and didn’t go to the Phillip Island chocolate factory, however it is on the list for next time!
  8. Be Adventure Ready. Sunscreen and a Go Pro don’t actually make for the best adventure. Hats and jumpers would have been a wise idea as well.

Check out Mark and My adventure video shot with Go Pro Hero 4 Silver


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