8 Things I Learnt From Blogging In 2016

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Things I Learnt From Blogging 2016

2017 is here and I tried to reflect on all the things I did last year and I honestly cannot think of any. What I can remember are the things I learnt in 2016 especially those things I learnt from blogging. So instead of talking about my life in 2016, I am going to write about what I learnt from blogging in 2016.

Things I learnt from blogging

8 Things I Learnt From Blogging In 2016

A plan isn’t enough. In 2016 I planned to blog more. I wish I could say that I thought it and it happened but it didn’t. We all know that blogging takes a lot of planning. We also know that planning to blog more isn’t possible without hours and hours of work. I learnt to create a schedule and development plan.

Blogging is easier with friends. Blogging can get really lonely,  in 2016 I spent more time visiting blogs and connecting with bloggers than I did writing blogs! I have a fast growing network now and these are people I will carry into 2017 as mutual blog supporters. This is one of my favourite things I learnt from blogging in 2016.

Review blogs are costly. Seriously, 2016  was not a year for sponsored posts. A lot of my review posts came from a combination of my shopping addiction and creating blogs to include my affiliate companies. I don’t want to think about how much I spent this year just buying things to blog about.

Readers prefer shorter blogs. I read so many articles and other blogs that were all about putting as much content in as possible. I found in 2016 my readers were most likely to view a 2nd or 3rd blog if the blog they originally opened was 300-400 words. Blogs over 700 words had readers leaving after 3 minutes on the page and only 50% of the time would a reader stay on my site if a blog was 500-650 words.

I am my blog and my blog is me. No matter what you write about your blog is on your mind with everything you do. From ideas that occur during the day to photo opportunities and props, my blog became one of the things I thought about every day.

There are so many opportunities from bloggers overseas. These opportunities are very limited in Australia unless you’re a big-time blogger. This is typical in Australia for most things. I found when I reached out in 2016 I was knocked back or rejected in preference of a blogger with a “bigger blog”.

Back of Blog maintenance is just as important as the blog posts themselves. Going over old posts, updating figures and cleaning up images is a big part of keeping your blog running. In 2016 I committed to cleaning up 2 posts a week and it really helped my blog.

While this isn’t everything I learnt these were my standout lessons for 2016. Did you learn anything new in 2016?

Happy New Year!


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