6 Ways To Embrace The Heat Summer 2017

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Icecream Summer 2017

Santana and Rob Thomas once came together to tell us that “Man, It’s a hot one”. I honestly believe they were talking about this Summer. While I spend most of my days in a shopping centre I know it’s hot outside. How? I get told hundreds of times a day and my car is stinking hot at the end of my day. Among all the complaints there are people who find the joy in walking outside for a second and getting sunburnt if you’re one of those people then this list is for you.

6 Ways To Embrace The Heat Summer 2017

Inflatable Regatta.

Grab your fanciest outfits, Camera and accent. For this Summer 2017, the height of society come together once again for the Inflatable Regatta on February 11th, 2017.  Join in the fun and hire a boat to float you down the Yarra river to your celebration destination. Tickets are $60 for a single or $100 for a double, plus you get to keep your boat. More info here.

Inflatable Regatta Summer 17
Inflatable Regatta Image Via The Urban List 2016

Any Rooftop Bar.

Seriously, Melbourne has so many rooftop bars it’s not funny. If you want to impress someone take them to Good Heavens on Bourke St. You can use the line “it just opened” and seem oh so Melbourne. You could also just eat a bunch of tater tots, drink your cocktails and pretend you go there all the time. It’s up to you.

St Kilda Twilight Market.

This is my favourite of all the summer markets. Last year I picked up a sweet skirt which is one of my favourite items in my wardrobe for a bargain $10. It runs just outside Luna Park and since it’s in a public space browsing is totally free. It runs on Thursdays from 5.30 pm

Rooftop Bar Outdoor Cinema.

Perfect for date nights Rooftop Cinema is showing a HUGE variety of movies this summer. There is still a few tickets left for January or you can hold out for part 2 of the program. You can check out what is showing here.

Midsumma Pride March

Head down to St Kilda on Jan 29, get your pride on and spread some love. The Midsumma Pride march parades through St Kilda and ends in one huge party. I recommend joining this march at least once in your life.

Icecream Summer 2017

Ice Cream Tours

Finally, that best way to enjoy Summer 2017 is to go on an Icecream Tour.  This tour is a walking tour of Melbourne Ice creameries and while that means being in the sun you’re also going to eat a tonne of ice cream so you can’t really go wrong.

How are you making the most of Summer 2017?



  1. Courtney Carthy says:

    Thanks for including Inflatable Regatta!

    Court (one of the organisers)

    1. Everyday Aimee says:

      No worries at all!

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