6 Spring Racing Essentials Under $30

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Spring Racing

Spring racing season is here. Once I have tackled the dress, fascinator, shoes and bag it is time to think about what to bring to the races other than food and cash. Race day you hope and prepare for a warm day and I pack my bag full of spring racing essentials.

This year I picked up 6 spring racing essentials for under $30 from Target and I was impressed at how much I got for $30.

 Being one of those girls who has everything and a small family in her handbag my challenge this year is fitting everything I need into my smaller sized bag. Lucky for me most of the essentials are to be applied pre-races or are a small size and easy to fit in a bag.


  1. Band-aid’s – Blisters I know you’re coming. If not to me then to someone who hasn’t worn their shoes in while doing housework, amateurs. A Pack of 20 band aids will come out of the box and fit easily in my bag. $4.99
  2. Fashion Fix It Tape – Nipple Slip’s, Windy Days and Drunken behaviour are not your friends when it comes down to fashions on the field. Keep it down with the saviour that is fashion tape. $8.00
  3. Mini Tube of Everyday Sunscreen – If you have lived in Australia the you know the hole in the ozone layer is not our friend. Apply sunscreen before its due time and avoid sunburn and skin cancer. $4.00
  4. Shoe Gels – If you don’t already know the gift from the fashion gods that is shoe gels then you are in for a treat. These beauties are going to change how you feel about shoes. $8.00
  5. Nivea Mini’s Invisible Deodorant – Do I really have to explain this one? I hope not. $3 alone or $5 for 2 as part of an ongoing deal. I purchased mine with number 6 to get the deal.
  6. Nivea Mini’s Facial Cleansing Wipes – Also for sticky hands and awkward spills.  $3 alone or $5 for 2 as part of an ongoing deal.

What are your spring racing essentials?


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