Unusual Travel Destinations You Need On Your Bucket List.

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The travel bucket list. We all have one and usually, they’re pretty generic. Recently Japan has become super popular and while it wasn’t on my bucket list it is one I recommend you visit. If you’re looking to travel but don’t want to go where everyone else is going here is 5 unusual travel destinations that are at the top of my bucket list.

Some of these unusual travel destinations are new to my list and some of them have been on there for too long. While this list is not in order each destination deserves to own the number one position. That’s probably why they’re all on the list still! I can’t pick!

5 Unusual Travel Destinations To Visit.


For a lot of people, Argentina doesn’t cross your mind when they think about a holiday. If it does there’s a lot of assumptions that it’s a party destination. From Deserts to snow-capped Mountains Argentina has a lot more to offer than coffee and parties. Put it on your bucket list for the opportunity to explore Patagonia and realise just how small you are on this earth.

Argentina Unusual Travel Destinations Photo by bruno-camargo


I want to be very clear here. Ukraine is not Russia and it is not “The Ukraine”. When I’ve spoken about my want to go to Ukraine the response is usually “Why do you want to go to Russia?” I don’t. Why Ukraine? Now that they’re out of civil unrest Ukraine is working towards becoming part of the EU. The Soviet style of Ukraine is a major drawcard for this country. Buildings topped in gold and a city covered in relics, Visit it now so the Euro doesn’t ruin the affordability.  A quick search on Hotels Combined*** put a night in a 3-star hotel (aka their best hotels) at $79 AUD per night.


I have made up my mind that Samoa must be paradise. Every picture I see of Samoa makes me insanely jealous of anyone who has ever set foot on Samoan soil. Sunsets, Swim holes and Stunning Scenery put Samoa on my list.


I have wanted to go to Cuba ever since I saw the best movie ever, Chef. I tried a Cuban sandwich at a market, tried some Cuban sweets and now I need all the Cuban food in my stomach. My knowledge of Cuba is pretty much nothing, except that I like the Food.

Cuba Unusual Travel Destinations


You’ve probably thought about going to Canada, as part of a visit to the USA. What makes Canada a contender for this unusual travel destinations list is that it is on the list for you to visit WITHOUT going to the USA. That’s right, a trip to go to Canada and Canada only. But what’s so great about Canada?

Unusual Travel Destinations Canada by

Unusual Travel Destinations Canada by

Unusual Travel Destinations Canada by

Unusual Travel Destinations Canada

My bucket list has about 100 destinations on it. While most of them do not classify as Unusual Travel Destinations the ones I want to visit the most do. Have a destination to add to the list? Share it in the comments.


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