5 Reasons Not To Use Testers

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5 reasons not to use testers

Working in retail there is one thing I see every single day that makes me feel really sick. People using make-up testers on their face as if the product was their own.  Testers are there for people to test the colour and texture of a make up product on a part of their skin that is similar to the face like the back of the hand or the inside of your wrist. 

Every single day I see females and occasionally males applying a tester to some part of their face, Lipsticks are the most common make up tester used and eyeshadow follow closely behind. Although I would love to stand there and clean each and every tester on a daily basis I know that it’s not possible.

Here are 5 reasons why you shouldn’t testers on your face.


5 reasons not to use testers

  1. BACTERIA. I am not talking about dirt, I’m talking about E.Coli the type they find in faeces.
  2. In a test run over 2 years by Rowan University, when testers were swabbed four times on a Sunday 100% of sample swabs taken were found to be covered in bacteria (Rowan University).
  3. Herpes. That’s right, you can get at STI from lipstick, if someone with a cold sore uses the tester and you make the same mistake it is possible to get herpes.
  4. Mould. Yep. Mould. that stuff that grows on old food and in the shower also breeds and grows on in store testers.
  5. Staph Infections. From pink eye to boils and blood poisoning you can pick up a staph infection as easily as you pick up that bright green eyeliner to test out.

Hopefully now you understand why watching someone use a tester in any store makes me feel sick. Someone willingly spreading bacteria and potential infection all over their face is more than I can handle.

Have you watched someone use a tester or have you used one before? Let me know in the comments


  1. Milton Garcia says:

    Yeah. My wife also avoids testers when buying make-up. It’s a no-no for her..
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