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The weather is cold which means that I will be spending a lot more time in bed watching a whole lot of movies. While there have been a lot of decent releases lately I will often find myself not in the mood for them and fall back on an old favourite to keep me entertained.

Here are 3 movies to love as much as I do.

Empire Records

empire records movies
Teen angst, rock and roll and mystery. I love this movie and its one of my go-to’s when I don’t know what to watch. In short a record store has money issues and the staff attempt to save it from musical doom. It includes terrible dancing, excellent music and a terrible home made funeral. A young Renee Zellweger, Liv Tyler and Johnny Whitworth make up just a few of the names you’ll see in this film plus a few faves that you’ll say “I know that guy” to.


chef movies

WARNING: Do not watch if you are hungry or get hungry easily. This movie is delicious and I always end up hungry without fail. In short a chef makes some social media booboo’s and upsets a famous foodie, loses his job but finds delicious food and a better way of life. This movie is all about the food and makes me want to do a foodventure road trip across the states and eat grilled cheese all the time.

Again. Do not watch if you are hungry you will regret it.

Crazy, Stupid, Love.

crazy stupid love movies

Most would claim date night but your date probably wouldn’t admit to loving it and just play on their phone all movie while taking secret glances at the screen. A few relationship stories are told throughout the film so it takes a bit of figuring out however there is plenty of comic relief throughout to give you a chance catch up.

What movies are your go to for days when you don’t want to leave bed?


  1. Rachel says:

    Yassss Empire Records! I watched it so many times that I wore the VHS out 🙂

    1. Everyday Aimee says:

      It’s one of my faves for sure. Everytime I watch it I find something I have missed

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