5 GGBlogChallenge Bloggers // Day 22

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The GGBlogChallenge has not gone according to plan for me but I’m glad it was a success for some other bloggers. I fell well behind and kept forgetting to blog. However, through this challenge, I have discovered some other blogs that I love to read and wanted to share these bloggers with you.

5 GGBlogChallenge Bloggers

You Can Call Me Caz

Written by the lovely Caroline “You Can Call Me Caz” is a lifestyle and almost anything blog that covers the most basic of life moments right through to the monumental meeting of heroes. Caz was one of the bloggers with this challenge from the very beginning and I have been loving how she interprets each topic. Her commitment is amazing too!


A girl after my own heart Ada loves coffee. She’s also wicked busy and has a million things going on in life. Luckily for us, she blogs about some of those things and they’re all relatable! I can’t begin to tell you how many times I have read this blog and thought “YEP, feel that”.

Vanity and Vodka.

Steph is a beauty blogger from Worcestershire and I love her reviews. She has a no bull attitude and is honest in her reviews which I love. there are so many beauty bloggers out there who just say all the right things but Steph is so open and real.

Made By Moohand

Hannah from Made by Moohand missed a couple of blogs like me but the ones she did manage to get up were entertaining and engaging! I scrolled back on her blog a bit and before I knew it I was 20 posts deep on day 10! She’s quite crafty and inventive and I loved that, check her out.

Straight On Till Friday.

Layla from SOTF puts so much of herself into her blog. Her openness and honesty have me slightly taken aback at how well she knows herself, I love it. This blog is a must read!.

I didn’t know any of these bloggers before I started this challenge. It has been wild so far.

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