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3ina Cosmetics ( Pronounced Mee-Nah) launched in Melbourne, Australia Mid- 2016. About 3 weeks after they launched I took a trip to the store in search of a new concealer and keep going back.

What I love about 3ina Cosmetics.

3ina Cosmetics is a cruelty-free brand and the products they sell are very affordable. Makeup and Accessories range from $6.95 AUD to $25.95 AUD. Trust me when I say that 3ina produces quality makeup and brushes that you will want to buy time again. The prices may be low but the quality is high.

Another thing I like about 3ina is that their staff know how to colour match and consult professionally. This is something that a lot of major makeup brands fail to provide in store and makes me less inclined to go in there.

3ina Cosmetics Products I’m Loving.

My first 3ina product was The Full Concealer, Chosen to replenish the gap in my makeup I picked this up to give it a try. The full concealer ($14.95) is good for night makeup and large spot concealment. If you are looking for a concealer for everyday use The Liquid Concealer ($12.95)is perfect. The Liquid concealer goes on easier as well which saves me time each morning.

The Matte & Smooth Primer is currently my favourite primer to use. It’s a liquid form primer goes on easily and sets like a creme primer meaning that a little of the Matte & Smooth Primer ($21.95) goes a long way.

3ina Cosmetics Smooth and Matte Primer
3ina Cosmetics The Matte & Smooth Primer $21.95

Over many visits, I have swatched many of the Lipsticks available in store but I am yet to buy one. I did pick up The Lip Primer ($11.95). This primer has helped me make any lipstick last all day. Some lipsticks used to only last a few hours and then I would need to reapply. I have found by using the primer I don’t need to take the lipstick for touch-ups.
This primer has makes any lipstick last all day, Lipsticks used to last a few hours and I would need to reapply but now I don’t even take the lipstick for touch-ups.

There are few stores that you can physically visit in Australia. If you can’t make it to a store you can shop online! I do recommend that you visit a store so you can be colour matched for your best match. A visit gives you the opportunity to test out all the products and colours.

Have you tried any 3ina Cosmetics products? Let me know in the comments.


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