22 Thoughts A Girl Has On Payday. 

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Anyone else hang out for payday? Mine goes in monthly and boy is that a huge pain! By the time I pay all my bills and payday has happened I’m broke all over again and ready for the next payday.


This is my thoughts this past payday and how the struggle is way too real.

  1. It’s Payday! I wonder if my pay has gone in.. *checks*
  2. Nope, not yet. They should have a regular time that it goes in.
  3. Monthly pay is the worst. I’m not sure I can afford coffee today.
  4. What am I thinking?! Of course I can have coffee I just won’t have lunch.
  5. Is it in now?
  6. Still no. Coffee or lunch, coffee or lunch.. That is the question
  7. I wonder if hamlet ever had this kind of trouble?
  8. Ooohh! Cup of soup in my draw. WINNER!!!!
  9. Oh. Expires sept 2015… Do I risk it?
  10. What are those floaty things? Looks like the soups a bust.
  11. YESSSS!!! Pay is in.
  12. Looks like I am having a nice steak dinner.
  13. And a nice bottle of wine
  14. Totally going a red this time. Deep like my pockets
  15. Better pay my rent first
  16. And my phone bill.
  17. Car needs petrol
  18. Health insurance comes out tomorrow.
  19. Better change that steak to a burrito
  20. Burritos don’t go that well with wine.. Cider it is.
  21. I still need socks too.
  22. Only one more month till payday.

Anyone also paid monthly!? it’s absolutely the worst when you love to shop!


whats your biggest payday problem?


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