20 Reasons To Start Adulting.

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Adulting is the 2016 word of the year. It’s that phase where everyone between 18-30 procrastinates doing things they deem responsible and from this, the term “Adulting” has become a thing.

Why should you start Adulting?


  1. You don’t have to clear what you want to do with anyone.
  2. Leaving the house at 3am is ok and you don’t have to justify it.
  3. You become a more positive person.
  4. Learning to cook healthy food is actually fun.
  5. Wine and Wisdom go hand in hand.
  6. You stop caring about the little things. Like who will see you in your trackies.
  7. The sniff test is no longer something you do on a daily basis because you know the clothes are clean.
  8. Food shopping can be done however you want, no order needed.
  9. Saving money is a lot easier when you’re adulting.
  10. There is always fresh milk in the fridge. Somehow you always remember to check if you need milk and if it has expired.
  11. Your expectations of yourself are lower and therefore you always feel like you’re achieving.
  12. You reach new thresholds in life. A cold used to knock you out, now you know that you can survive at least 2 days at work before it puts you in bed.
  13. People you thought were friends disappear and the great friends stay. Essentially you trim the life fat without trying.
  14. Avoiding adulting means you wake up one day with nothing and everything you thought you knew was wrong.
  15. Staying in bed all day are legitimate plans that other adults approve of.
  16. Other people call you ‘Sir’ or ‘Miss’ without adding “You’re causing a scene”.
  17. You can buy medications that actually work over the counter.
  18. Coffee or ice-cream as meals are a legitimate form of nutrition.
  19. When you’re upset about something people actually care. eg: car breaking down
  20. You actually like yourself as a result.

Now I’m not going to deny that adulting is not the easiest path, but if you start now you will be better off in the long run. If you have any adulting tips leave them in the comments below!


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