20 Happy Things #GGBlogChallenge Day 6

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I am really enjoying the focus on the positive things on this list. Todays post is about sharing 20 things that make you happy. I can tend to be a bit negative and I let things get to me really easily so this post to focus on happy things is good for me!

20 Happy Things 

  1. Spring is finally here which means my birthday is almost here and way better weather coming. Spring is also my favourite season.
  2. Date days/nights with Mark. I believe in investing in my relationship everyday and going on dates means keeping the relationship happy. happy things mark
  3. Lipstick. 😍 do I need to explain? Probably not but I am crushing hard on the Stevie K Cosmetics range at the moment.
  4. Chocolate mousse. My favourite food at the moment.
  5. I own my dream car at 26. Raise the roof!
  6. Rooftop bars and drinks with friends. Is there anything better than the view of the worlds more liveable city? Nope!
  7. Warm sun breaking through on a cold day.
  8. Internet shopping. Who doesn’t love that.
  9. My dog’s. Especially Graciehappy things gracie
  10. Weekday sleepin’s. It usually means that I am working nights but it’s so satisfying to sleep in on a Monday morning
  11. Comments on my blog. *hint* kidding! But I do love reading and replying.
  12. Fresh juice, especially in warm weather.
  13. Eating burgers, there is nothing more fulfilling than burgers.
  14. Buying a new cd. Yes I still buy music and yes it’s on disc.
  15. Playing the Deal or no deal arcade game.
  16. Having more than one day off work in a row.
  17. Anything with cheese 🙌🏻🙌🏻
  18. Binge watching 6 seasons in under a month.
  19. Premier nights at the movies.
  20. New books.

What’s something that makes you happy? Share a list in the comments I would love to read/ hear about 5 happy things that you have in your lives.


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