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Today we have been asked to “Share 15 interesting things about you and a picture of you exactly as you are today. No cheating!”. Oh boy, 15 interesting things! 15 things is easy but now I have to make them interesting? This list is challenging.

While I can’t promise that these things will be interesting I will do my best and elaborate a little for each interesting thing. This way they wont seem random and will hopefully make more sense. Here we go.

15 Interesting Things About Me and 1 Selfie.

One. I have worked for the same company since I was 15. In 12 days it will be 11 year, who says Gen Y has no staying power! I started off as a christmas casual and now I am in management.

Two. I have a large amount of scarring on my body both from injuries and tipping a cup of tea on my self as a child. As I have grown it has become less noticeable and I often forget that I have major scarring. Only in summer do I remember and that’s because I get the worlds most uneven tan.

Three. I studied in Italy. While I remember there being some course work we mostly studied Prosecco in the Piazza. We stayed in a little town called Conegliano which is in the province of Treviso, towards the top of Italy.

Four. I haven’t dyed or cut my hair in over 4 years. I used to have a blonde bob and I dyed it brown (my natural shade) and let it do what ever it wanted. Now it’s down to my waist and in decent condition.

Five. I cannot eat eggs. I like the taste of egg and Quiche is my life but I am  reactive. Whenever I eat cakes I am fine but give me fried, scrambled or a omelet and I start vomiting.

Six. I attended 3 primary schools and two high schools. We moved a lot when I was younger.

Seven. I am often to direct and tend to upset people. While other people would change or try to be kinder I find it easier to communicate with brutal honesty.

Eight. I used to work in the Music industry. Then electro music took over and my heart couldn’t take it anymore. I still actively seek independent musicians

Nine. Last year I said to myself that I wouldn’t deprive myself of going to any live show I wanted to see. Needless to say 2016 has been a very expensive year.

Ten. I love organisation however I am the messiest person you will ever meet.

Eleven. I read way to much young adult literature. I enjoy it more than a long book because I can usually read it in one day.

Twelve. I have a really bad temper. Anything upsets me and I see red.

Thirteen. I didn’t wear a lot of makeup until I turned 22. I had the basics but my laziness outweighed the want to put makeup on.

Fourteen. I have had over 18 jobs in 10 years.

Fifteen. I will give a second chance to anyone but my trust can be removed very easily.

And one selfie.

I almost forgot the selfie but I snapped it as I was leaving the house for work. This is my favourite lipstick. It’s My milkshake by Stevie K Cosmetics. 🙌🏻

Interesting Selfie

Tell me something interesting about you.


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