10 Years In Retail. 

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10 years in Retail.

This week I celebrated 10 years at the retailer I work for. 10 years!! Considering that’s generation has been labeled as one that cannot commit to anything I think it’s pretty damn great.


 So how have I gotten through 10 years of retail?

To start off I’m clearly insane. 10 years of copping people yelling at me on a daily basis, arguments about free items when they don’t scan and a daily dose of the worst dad jokes ever. I must be crazy.

To be fair I have always had a really great team to work with. No matter what store I was at everyone acts like one big family and there isn’t too much drama.

Taking breaks has also helped. Having hobbies and other jobs to focus on means that my life wasn’t always all about retail. Pushing my luck and boundaries not only helped me be a better worker but a better manager when the time came.

The best tip I can give is pick something to be very serious about at work the rest leave at your desk when you go home, It is so important to have the balance to leave things at work.

How long have you stayed at one company?


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