10 Ways To Spend The Queens Birthday Weekend

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LONG WEEKEND!!! Queens Birthday public holiday is on Monday and it’s the last long weekend until September. I know that’s only 2 months but in Australian time it’s almost a year in public holiday time.

If you’re lucky enough not to be working this Queens Birthday weekend then I do not recommend spending it at home. It’s the last Victorian public holiday and last government assigned Monday off for 108 days. If you are working, I’m Sorry. *I have realised most of these are food orientated, I have no regrets.

10 Things To Do This Queens Birthday Weekend.

  1. Find a Pop-Up Eatery and eat there, twice.
    If you’re in Melbourne then you’re in for a treat. Mason Dixon American Sandwich Bar is running a Pop-Up sandwich bar at Oscars Alehouse in Belgrave on Friday and Saturday. Start the weekend right and get yourself a Cubano.
  2. A Night Market.
    Night Markets are way better than day markets. They’re everything you love about the market without all the people and the people yelling at you to buy a watermelon. I don’t want your damn watermelon. Batman Night Market is on in Melbourne on Saturday night featuring some of best food vendors.
  3. Cheese It Up.
    Google and map out your own cheese tour, you’ll be surprised at how many cheese makers are around. Victoria has at least 8 and you can combine the tour with the views of the great ocean road.
  4. Go Ice-Skating.
    This one is pretty obvious but I needed to put it out there. The Common Man has a pretty sweet Riverside rink and toboggan slide running until August.
  5. HangOut With A Bunch of Dogs.
    For some, this means going to the dog park and petting strangers dogs. For Melbournian’s this means a trip to Port Fairy for the PORT FAIRY DASHOUND DASH! Which is exactly what is sounds like, Dashounds.. Dashing!.Queens Birthday dashound dash
  6. Go To The Zoo.
    The Zoo is always a good time out. There are very few people who don’t like the zoo, those type of people also go door to door and try to sell electricity. Get rid of them from your life. Healesville Sanctuary is having a food and wine event. Make sure you buy tickets and lock in a designated driver before you go.
  7. Get Charitable.
    There is always an event on to raise money for something. If you can’t find something goes to your local Bunnings and buy a sausage. The Big Freeze is on at the MCG to help raise money to help fight MND. If you’re too busy doing other cool things on this list you can buy a beanie here.
  8. Reach For The Sky.
    This Queens Birthday head for the highest point you can get to. This could be a mountain or it could be the rooftop of a building you scaled a wall to get too. Either way, don’t fall.
  9. Find All You Can Eat. 
    While they are rare these places still exist. Most of them are a bit of a drive so google and get in the car. It might be worth finding an Airbnb to sleep off all that food too.
  10. Head to a Local Fete or Festival.
    There is always one on. A local community or community group near you is hosting a festival this weekend. For Victorians, the Woodend Winter Arts Festival is on and totally worth the drive.

With this list of 10 things there is no reason to stay home this weekend. Not even if you have a broken leg, you know who you are. Let me know what you’re doing this weekend in the comments.


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