10 Things To Know When You Cruise.

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10 Things to know before you cruise

I know it has been a while since I posted, this is due to 2 thing. 1. I was working a bunch of hours to get ready to go on holiday. 2. I was on holidays, I went on a cruise.

The cruise I went on was with my family on the Pacific Jewel, which is part of the P&O Ship family. The cruise took us to 3 islands in Vanuatu and they were; Port Vila, Mare and Lifou. I went on this cruise thinking I was prepared thanks to this blog by Permanent Procrastination (which is full of excellent information) but I was wrong. Thankfully you can never stop learning so here are some things for you to learn.

10 Things To Know When You Cruise.

  1. It takes a few days to get where you’re going. From your dock to the next shore you will have a few days of being on the boat to kill. Bring cards or something to do, there is scheduled activities but unless you love trivia 3 times a day or  have a passion for knitting you might find it hard to be mentally stimulated.
  2. Read the daily information. While there weren’t many activities aimed at my age group there are some but you need to get in quickly and you will find them on the daily information.
  3. You will eat.  I can only vouch for P & O here but 3 meals a day where it is all you can eat seems more like a challenge than a convenience.
  4. Be prepared to be seasick. For most of the cruise I was ok but there was a couple of times where the waves really moved the ship and I thought “maybe that third burrito was a bad idea”.
  5. The sun is hot. This may seem like a super obvious thing and I thought I was prepared but even 1/2 hour sunscreens didn’t save me from sunburn. I forgot about swimming, direct sun and of course, sweat.
  6. Sign up for island tours early. I was lucky enough to squeeze onto the tour I wanted to do (Seawalking ) and that was amazing but if you have the opportunity to book prior do it!Oceanwalker Tour -Port Vila
  7. Bring comfortable shoes.  I made the mistake of only bringing sandals and thongs then found that I will need runners for things like horse riding and extensive walking.
  8. Use small notes and currency. All the islands accepted AUD however they didn’t always have change. If you’re planning on shopping dig into that collection of $5 notes you have or get large notes changed over on the ship.
  9. Theme nights are a thing. Although they won’t give you specifics about what theme nights happen on board you can get an idea from the cruising information prior. Clues such as “Bianco (White) parties happen on cruises 3 nights or more” and “Gatsby night is held on cruises with 5+ nights” are huge clues that will save you money if you want to participate.
  10. Be nice to the staff and they’ll be nice to you. The amount of people that treated the staff like dirt was disgusting, while this goes for anywhere in hospitality remember that you’re seeing these people for 10 days in a row. If you  don’t want to be judged for eating 3 burritos a day or 5 bowls of prawn crackers (cough, my sister, cough) be nice and used the basics, please and thank-you.

Hopefully this hasn’t turned you off taking a cruise, they can be really fun if you make sure your prepared. Have you been on a cruise or are you planning to go on on?



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